‘Storytelling Apprentices’

Hello, I reckon it’s time I gave you an update on the second strand of our Space for Storytelling project- the apprentices!

As soon as I heard about the Storytelling Apprenticeships in Scotland, I wished we had something similar here in London. In 2022, Janis Mackay storyteller and facilitator of the scheme, generously shared her time and expertise with me.

Our programme is smaller and less formal than the fully-funded Scottish model but we are heavily indebted to their ideas and so grateful to Janis for her generosity and encouragement.

From August 2023-August 2024, we have selected five storytellers who wish to devote themselves for a year to developing their professional practice. They have committed to come to all our SFS crowdfunded public workshops and are also benefitting from specific placements with clients, e.g. schools, community groups, youth clubs etc. Each teller has food and travel paid for each placement. They have also been paired with a mentor. We are so grateful to our highly skilled and super-experienced team of mentors who have all been been thoughtful, sensitive and open-hearted. Massive thanks Emily Hanna, Hannah Brailsford Minnie Wilkinson, Niall Moorjani and Jumana Moon. (We are also grateful to Surrey Storytellers Club for offering a guest spot.)

As for our storytellers- I am totally inspired by their pure talent, hard work, mutual support and thoughtfulness. Each one has outstanding talent and an unique voice as well as a passion for communication and connection- the heart of storytelling. They started with varying levels of experience but they are continually challenging themselves while always prioritising best professional practice.

They are focussing on various aspects of storytelling including writing /choosing stories for versatile settings, being sensitive to the needs of different audiences (and clients), techniques for dealing with various age groups, marketing, music, voice, movement and more.

Meet Elena Sirett, Leanne Bevan, Fiona Kirkwood, Aaron Oliver and Emma Charlton. These humans are amazing and inspiring and I am learning a LOT too. It would not have happened without the people who contributed to the crowdfunder so massive thanks to all of you as well!

If you would like to find out about how your organisation can be visited by one of our apprentices, please let me know!

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