Storytelling Coaching

One-to-one coaching, mentoring and groups.

I can help you with practical stuff and things of wonder. I am here to shine up your confidence, improve your technique but above all, I want to lead you to that “spark”, the moment when you realise that everyone is hanging on your words, the moment when the story comes to life and siezes the imagination.

(I’ve worked with some pretty excellent folks, have a look at my experience here.)

I do training for speakers, entrepreneurs, authors, storytellers, teachers, practitioners, researchers (or anyone else!)

No money? I think everyone should have the tools to tell stories well. That is why I created Story Co-Op (now Elephant Tales) and Space for Storytelling– our crowdfunded training provision. SfS is completely free and it’s held in a disability-positive space in the heart of London. You are very welcome!

If you have a one-off question, just message! I am always happy to help.

If want something more bespoke, the fees are below. Contact me here to book.

“The energy, enthusiasm that Vanessa facilitates is phenomenal” JD

“Vanessa was a true inspiration.” C El-S (School of Early Childhood)

“(Vanessa) opens portals and puts her arms around you, encourages you with warmth and wisdom.” EHG storyteller

“I have rarely seen that group enjoy themselves and be so inventive and creative as with you!” UAL Camberwell College of Arts

“so encouraging and supportive and kind.” AO


All one-to-one sessions include 30 minute preliminary phone call and follow-up phone call as well as a bespoke session. Training can be in-person or on zoom. Cost £250 per hour. Contact me here to book.

You can also book me for group training sessions. Fees are here.

“I’ll definitely be changing some of the ways in which I tell stories. Listening to Vanessa was an inspiring experience”
group workshop for experienced storytellers comissioned by Walker Books

“given me more confidence with the ‘business’ side, allowing me to recognise when to be charitable and giving with story, but also when to stand up for myself, my work and other artists in our field and be valued.” EHG

“High quality of work, friendliness, professionalism and keen interest in the motivating her listeners to become story tellers themselves. Vanessa is inspirational!” Victoria Sheridan (University of Greenwich)

I found it very helpful speaking to Vanessa. Thinking about something and then discussing it aloud made it come into focus a lot more clearly for me” AF, entrepreneur, (one-off coaching session)

“What a fantastic final piece – it all came together so beautifully.” Workshops for storytelling with orchestra- Royal College of Music

Learn about Storytelling and Place with my course on Storyversity.