Coaching, Mentoring and Training

One-to-one or groups.

We can help you… Shine up your confidence. Improve your technique. Structure stories. Make a business from storytelling. Grow your creative vision. Find your “spark”- the moment when the story comes alive!

No money? That is why we created Space for Storytelling– our FREE crowdfunded training events. Check out our upcoming workshops.

To arrange a training session (or for one-to-one coaching) message now to discuss your requirements.

Fees below.

“I would say to anyone reading this: don’t be shy to contact her! She’s absolutely lovely.” Kali Nyx


Bespoke one-to-one training (in-person or on zoom) with Vanessa. Cost £250 per hour. Contact me here to ask questions and/or arrange a no-obligation phone call.

If you want a group training session or any other kind of workshop, costs are here.

“Vanessa was a true inspiration.” Caroline El-Semman (School of Early Childhood)

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“I have rarely seen that group enjoy themselves or be so inventive and creative as with you!” UAL Camberwell College of Arts group training

“One of the greatest storytellers I’ve ever met.” Sasha Coward