Run your own Storytelling Co-Operative!

(updated Sept 2023) We want to connect people because our world is full of disconnection. We want to change minds because our world needs change. Storytelling is the most powerful tool we have to reach others. Storytelling brings people together with wonder, empathy, fun, hope and inspiration. Our goal with story co op was to … Read more

Storytelling for adults

Over half of my storytellng work is with adults. This can be outdoor events, festivals, academic collaborations, corporate work or unique commissions. For example, last night, George and I had the privilege of leading 50 students from Salt Lake City Utah into one of London’s most beautiful secret corners and telling them ghost stories connected … Read more

Southwark Park Storytelling Festival 2023

I dreamed it, I pictured it, we worked for it. A day-long festival in Bermondsey with fun, variety, togetherness and storytelling from many cultures. By going electricity-free and using local artists and suppliers we were able to bring our carbon footprint almost to zero. Our banner was created from recycled materials by Ioana Mincu, a … Read more

Space For Storytelling

(updated) We did it! Thank you to everyone who donated to our SECOND crowdfunder, you are amazing. The project is happening at The Bridge Waterloo, St John Waterloo, on the second Wednesday of every month at 6.30pm starting on 13th September 2023. Tickets are available. All workshops, performances and masterclasses are free to access. You … Read more

Our city needs storytellers

Are you a storyteller based in or near London? We want to get to know you! This once a month mailout includes stuff like… Performance opportunities/ paid and unpaid gigs, Chances to feed back Opportunities to collab with us / work with us Funding pots News from Storytelling Co-Operative and our new free project, Space … Read more

Tortoise Lates: Fear

I love custard creams so when I went into the Tortoise green room, I knew that I was going to have a good evening. That jar is a work of art. Anyway, the live studio recording was split into three parts. First came a section about fear in politics– then a discussion about horror movies … Read more

“Storytelling and Place” for Storyversity

I had a lot of fun when I went to record my course for Storyversity, I was almost drowned in a hailstorm and I also got lost on a dale. I was there to create a brand new training course about Storytelling and Place. I spent many weeks putting the ideas together and put my … Read more

How to have an amazing storytelling event💙

You did it! You booked a storyteller. Awesome! Here’s everything you need to give you and your guests a wonder-filled storytelling experience. Want to book a storyteller? Drop me a line Want to stay in touch?

We journey together

Storytelling as an art form connects us as human beings. It is powerful, transformative, full of wonder. It is also gentle to the planet! As well as telling stories ourselves, we have a mission to create spaces and opportuities for other people to tell stories too. If you want opportunities to tell your own stories, … Read more