We journey together

Storytelling as an art form connects us as human beings. It is powerful, transformative, full of wonder. It is also gentle to the planet! As well as telling stories ourselves, we have a mission to create spaces and opportuities for other people to tell stories too. If you want opportunities to tell your own stories, … Read more

Looking for a Perfect Storyteller?

Pic: professional storyteller Vaishali Raithatha Maybe you came onto this website looking for an artist with a special skillset? Perhaps you want someone who works in prisons or who is a trained therapist- or who can dance? Perhaps you want someone for Chinese New Year, Father’s Day, Pride Month, Rosh Hashanah, St Patricks Day? You … Read more

Story co-operative is happening

WE DID IT!!! Thank you so much everyone! First Sunday of every month 3-5pm Pullens Yards Crampton St se17 Story Co-Operative is a free crowdfunded storytelling space for Londoners to tell and listen to myths legends and folktales.See this page for the most up to date themes and to book at ticket (this is essential if … Read more

How to have totally successful storytelling gig

This post is one of a “how to” series. Read more here, here, here, here, here and here. Just visiting Surrey Docks Farm and in a hideous flash I was reminded of a disaster of gig I did there a VERY long time ago. It was 10pm, some sleepover event  (details are mercifully erased from … Read more

Baba Yaga with Cunning Folk and Daylight Music (5 pics and a video)

It was a complete joy and privilege for London Dreamtime and Cunning Folk to be part of the Daylight Music Autumn 2021 series. What an incredible buzz! Massive thank you to the venue, all the volunteers, photographers – and to Ben Eshmede who bought it all together… and biggest thanks to the wonderful people who came to listen and … Read more

Running interactive and multi-sensory storytelling over Zoom.

I am SO delighted to see the return of “in person” storytelling!However, I do really love online events too. This project with Jewish Care, pushed the boundaries of what could be done virtually.We were working with seniors who had mild to moderate dementia for 20 consecutive Tuesdays in 2021.The brief was to engage the residents as … Read more

2020 review of the year

Every December I do a “looking back over the year” type post. (like these: 2016  2017 2018 & 2019 ) 2020 was supposed to be our biggest year yet, seeing our live bookings growing from 80-100 seaters to larger venues. We only got to actually do one of these bigger shows (at the Union Chapel for Daylight Music. Watch us ) We got … Read more

“Save Our Stories” THANK YOU!

This summer has been tough, but we’d pulled through. We had been able to create magic, support ourselves financially, reach out to isolated people and create fully-funded opportunities for other artists. We’d even also made training packages to help other storytellers work digitally and get paid during the pandemic. But last week we had some of the worst professional news … Read more

New challenges and opportunities for storytellers and storytelling

All arts including storytelling have suffered during the pandemic. However, I have been heartened to discover that our art form is a survivor. Since lockdown begun in March I have done projects on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook Live and of course the ubiquitous Zoom. I have worked with museums, galleries, schools, literacy and community organisations, done … Read more