How much does it cost to book a storyteller?

For a storytelling performance at your school, business, university, museum, nursery, festival, gallery- or just your front room:

-Half a day performance (up to three hours.) £275

One day performance (up to 6 hours.) £425

Parties: all details here.

-One to one coaching: All details here

Keynote speeches and feature performances: by arrangement.

-Special commissions & bespoke stories: Starts at £100 plus the cost of performance.(see more)

If you have a visionary idea or an unusual project, we are here for it- get in touch!

Harness the power of story:

-We can bring our story expertise to your organisation. The right story will make sense of information, inspire, inform and show the way forward.

-We know how to find the right story for you. Contact us to find out more.

Storytelling brings connection. We tell stories, train storytellers and make the city more magical. Support us with a donation here:

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For commissions, bookings or if you have any questions, email me at vanessa@londondreamtime.com.
You can also find me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.