“The Snow Queen” storytelling for Daylight Music at the Union Chapel (& video)

(photo above by Paul Hudson for Daylight Music)

We are all about amazing spaces, whether large or small and we love creating site-specific stories.

What a space this is! Cavernous gothic majestic; Islington’s Union Chapel. It’s a major live music venue as well as a working church and so I wanted a story which responded to the spiritual nature of the space, it’s musical connections and it’s breathtaking grandeur. Me and George worked with Ben Eshmade, the engine behind Daylight Music and together we chose a magical Victorian fairytale The Snow Queen. George Hoyle came up with psych-folk and church organ musical soundscape and threaded the story expertly with original songs and covers from Zepplin, Love, the Doors, Nirvana and Bowie. Keyboard and organ were played by Olly Parfitt, drums by Sam Kelly.

We also made it snow in the chapel! (Pic: Phil Barnes)

Huge thank you to Ben for his help, encouragements and general genius. Find out more about the series here http://daylightmusic.co.uk/

Here’s a one minute video & 2 more photos below (filmmaker: Nic Laborie)

Photos by Phil Barnes: full album on Flickr here