“Save Our Stories” THANK YOU!

This summer has been tough, but we’d pulled through. We had been able to create magic, support ourselves financiallyreach out to isolated people and create fully-funded opportunities for other artists. We’d even also made training packages to help other storytellers work digitally and get paid during the pandemic.

But last week we had some of the worst professional news ever. George’s fifteen year old soundcard broke. The realisation dawned that we would not only have to replace the soundcard (£700) but that his nine year old macbook would also need replacing as it wasn’t compatable with new tech …and that meant updated software…Argh!

Since lockdown, audio has become increasingly important to our storytelling and music business –  lots of audio-only projects are in process (and more coming up!) This was a huge blow and threatened to take us out of the game entirely.

I’d literally just seen an ad from the Mayor of London about matchfunding offered to small businesses. On the spot we decided to go for it and start a crowdfunder.

A couple of days later, we were ready. I was doubtful we would raise the entire cost of a laptop but what the heck. I’d misread the Mayor’s message and thought   we only had to reach half our target in order to qualify for the free money (wrong!) so I was prepared to give it a go.*

To our amazement, we were innundated with amazing messages of support. In less than 24 hours we had reached our ‘very ambitious’ target (the laptop) and were onto our stretch target of the soundcard and software too!

Our friends, our audiences, our clients and the storytelling community as a whole have been beyond kind and generous with pledges and comments.

The support people have offered – financial and otherwise- doesn’t just mean our survival. It’s fuel for ambition and creativity! It’s a mandate to find new and accessable ways to collaborate, promote and celebrate stories, to bring magic to London and beyond.