Storytelling Co-Operative update. You are welcome here.

We meet on the Sunday of every month 3-5pm Pullens Yards Crampton St SE17.


Storytelling Co-Operative is a completely free crowdfunded storytelling space in London to tell and listen to personal stories, traditional tales, myths, fiction, legends and folktales. It is also a space to grow, learn and share.
See this page for the most up to date themes and to book at ticket (this is essential if you want to tell a story.

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Story Co-Operative was crowdfunded by 102 wonderful people who pledged money and 14 amazing storytellers and artists who donated rewards.

Our first meeting was on 3rd April 2022 >

A crowd of lovely human beings who are diverse in age, culture, skin colour and gender. All smiling and posing for the camera.

We have met every month since then. We have been visited and inspired by two guest storytellers, Giles Abbott and Sandra Agard. In January 2023 we will be visited by Jumana Moon. We have partnered with a local holiday club charity to offer free storytelling for children. Every month we share details of all upcoming in-person storytelling and open mics in London. We have a mailing list where we share live storytelling opportunities.

Read just some of the great feedback we have had! (Our accounts are at the bottom of the page.)

“You have something so very special there… I will definitely be telling people about your beautiful storytelling club.” Sandra Agard FRSL

It’s a wonderful space that means so much to me, I love the community there and I’m so inspired and uplifted by going.

SO valuable – to be able to perform regularly, to chat to a community of storytellers on a similar journey, and to be kept informed of storytelling events and opportunities around London and wider. The energy, enthusiasm that Vanessa facilitates is phenomenal, …to enable a wealth of approaches, and stories from around the planet.

A lovely event for the community

It has been brilliant!

I can’t say strongly enough how valuable it has been to have a regular space to listen and tell. Vanessa is very skillful in creating a supportive atmosphere that is a safe place to practise but also still full of energy, ideas, creativity and high quality performances. This came along at just the right time for me and I am so grateful for it.

 …valuable in giving me regular experience of telling stories to an audience (as well as giving me a push to research and prepare new stories); important because I need to regularly practice telling stories to audiences, also important as it provides a really supportive space for telling and listening to other people’s stories & helps keep this really important tradition alive; finally inspirational – the co-operative attracts so much talent – its wonderful listening to (and learning from) other storyteller’s styles. Finally, its simply a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon!

Uplifting as it has created an appreciation of oral telling.

I find the co operative vital in London’s storytelling network, it gives us a place to meet, a structure & Vanessa compiles a list of all storytelling events for the month ahead which I find vital- it gives me dates to put in my diary for networking, pleasure & to develop my work for.

It is brilliant to have a space to test things out, see what others are doing, share skills and experience.

I would never of started storytelling if I hadn’t gone to the story co-op and been so encouraged there. Vanessa then introduced me to other open mics, gave me storytelling job opportunities and overall has been so encouraging and supportive and kind.

…Wonderful; opportunities at her storytelling circles and events for me to tell stories, she’s always supportive and has offered very useful advice and ideas out there.

…Open spaces where i can explore and experiment with stories and this is vital when developing my storytelling skills.

UPDATED annual accounts 17 Dec 2022

TOTAL INCOME £3,830  (Total donated via crowdfunder platform £3,610/Total donated by Adverse Camber £200/Total other donation £20

Guest storyteller Giles Abbott donated his £200 appearance fee so this is not included as an expense.

Crowdfunder platform fee plus VAT: £313.60  

Other fundraising expenses, e.g. postage for crowdfunder rewards: £155

Café hire: (three months @ £75 a month) TOTAL £225 

Pullens Centre hire: (nine months @ £15 a month) TOTAL £135 

Fees for guest storyteller: x 2 =£400

Facilitator fee for promoting, organising, accounts and hosting: £120 per month TOTAL TWELVE MONTHS: £1440