Baba Yaga with Cunning Folk and Daylight Music (5 pics and a video)

It was a complete joy and privilege for London Dreamtime and Cunning Folk to be part of the Daylight Music Autumn 2021 series. What an incredible buzz!

Massive thank you to the venue, all the volunteers, photographers – and to Ben Eshmede who bought it all together… and biggest thanks to the wonderful people who came to listen and join in!

Five Pictures by

1.Cath Dupuy

2. Cath Dupuy

3. Paul Carrano

4. Cat Ciemiega

5. Phil Barnes

(and a 30 second video at the bottom of the page!)

We didn’t get much video but here is a 30 second clip.

(If you are gutted that you missed it, don’t panic, we will be performing it one more time on Sunday 13th February 2022.)