2019 in photos, some strange commissions -and very special thanks!

review of 2016 review of 2017 review of 2018 When people ask me what my job involves, I often struggle to explain it! Hopefully this post will give an idea of what we do. I couldn’t do all this without my collaborator; ridiculously-talented, wildly-knowledgeable musician and storyteller George Hoyle! 1) Strange Commissions. (Pics below.) Huge thank you to Mendy Korer, … Read more

Adult Storytelling events in London

Traditional storytelling has the power to bring human beings together to experience awe, community and excitement. Stories are about people, emotions, and connection- it’s a privilege to work regularly as a storyteller for adults. I was delighted to be commissioned to write a piece about adult storytelling events in London for Time Out (paper edition). … Read more

A new and different story for the Great Fire of London

I was so excited when the Museum of London got in touch. They wanted me to create a brand new flagship offer for SEND schools: A completely new “Great Fire of London” session. The commission was challenging: To create a brand new story. Can be delivered by different freelancers and is flexible enough so they can modify … Read more

“Stories of the Sun” and celestial alchemy in Leighton House

Ever since forever, it has been my not-so-secret wish to tell stories after closing time the extraordinary, eccentric and extravagant surroundings of Leighton House Museum. Last Friday I did! I’ve done plenty of museum “lates” before- but usually storytelling is just one of the attractions on offer. However on Friday I got a whole late to … Read more

A Golem from Thames Mud: Who was the “Baal Shem of London”?

May 2019 has seen me deep in research for a strange and fascinating project. It started when George showed me this entry in “Martyrs and Mystics” by Ed Glinnert “an alchemical laboratory on London bridge”… “creating a Golem of Jewish Legend…” Wow! I had no idea that London had its very own Golem story! I suggested the … Read more

10 magical places to find under-5s storytelling in London!

Spoken-word storytelling (also known as “traditional oral storytelling”) is one of the best ways to help your little one enjoy and master language… but that’s not why it’s so popular! It’s also a magical shared experience… an opportunity to take flight into imagined worlds alongside your child. Storytelling for small people is usually a relaxed … Read more

Storytelling tips for “We’re going on a Bear Hunt” with Walker Books

“We’re going on a Bear Hunt” by Michael Rosen and Helen Oxenbury is an all-time classic. I was honoured to be invited by Walker Books to create a special guide for storytellers who would like to put on their own “Bear Hunt” Storytime. Two pages of ideas, encouragements, tips and tried-and-tested multisensory participation. This guide … Read more

What is storytelling?

Local TV interviewed me for National Storytelling Week. This is a two minute introduction to storytelling!

Review of 2018

What an extraordinary 2018 we’ve had! Tons of love and massihooove appreciation to the venues and clients who have booked us and had faith in us. You know who you are and we really appreciate the trust you have put in us. To the other storytellers who have joined us on our journey- again you … Read more