“Storytelling and Place” for Storyversity

I had a lot of fun when I went to record my course for Storyversity, I was almost drowned in a hailstorm and I also got lost on a dale.

I was there to create a brand new training course about Storytelling and Place. I spent many weeks putting the ideas together and put my heart and soul into the content because – site specific stories are so important to me!

If you are interested in the intersections between storytelling and location or want to know more about the different ways to use place to add power to your storytelling, have a look at the course. If you are tempted, hold that thought and get a discount code from me!

Storyversity.org has worked with some fantastic tutors, I’m honoured to be in the company of some of my storytelling heroes. Topics include …Gesture, Voice, Storytelling for Teachers, Storytelling for the Very Young, African storytelling and song, and a number of modules about writing stories. There’s also a weekly zoom practice class included in membership.

I currently have a limited number of discount codes which get 1/3 off, message me if you are interested!

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