The secret story of the Courtoy Tomb

I’m always looking for new and extraordinary London stories to tell so when I hear that the Hannah Courtoy Mausolem in Brompton Cemetery was a portal, I knew at once that I had to tell the story…

Picture by Alison Cotton of The Left Outsides

It has been quite a journey. The legend that the Courtoy Mausoleum is much more than it seems has been growing for several years. Firstly rumours began to circulate that it is in fact a time machine.

More recently the ‘psychic researches’ of Stephen Coates have described its occult creators, Samuel Warner and egyptologist Joseph Bonomi and the tomb’s use as part of ‘the London Teleportation network’. So not a Time Machine but a “space machine” if you will.

The Independent picked up the story here, however there is more to it than they report.

The true story is stranger and more disturbing than you could imagine.

After careful negotiations, the cemetery have kindly agreed to allow us into the unlit grounds after closing time, where we will open the pathways and uncover some of the secrets of what really lies inside the tomb.

Please note the gate will only be unlocked for 15 minutes so it is vital that you are on time.


You can now listen to the whole story on Mythos Podcast. It’s a beautiful and listenable version!

Find out more (and read an interview with me) in this comprehensive and excellent article on Mental Floss.

Photos from our two previous after-hours visits to the Courtoy Tomb are below. Check out the calendar page for other weird and wonderful adventures.

(above: Michael Reeve

Below: Georgie Jasper White)