The Peckham Toymaker

A collaboration with One Eye Grey and award winning architects Tsuruta.

(UPDATED 25 June 2017 WITH PHOTOS BELOW and link to upcoming performance later in the year.)

It’s exciting and surreal to watch a story that originated in your mind take on a life of its own. Anyone who has been to one of our “Unlucky” performances on Friday 13th (or The Restless Bones) will recognise the horrific tale which inspired this three-metre-high construction, history trail and website.

The installation is huge- there’s an artists impression below- and I’m delighted to be telling the tale live on the 24th June. (A recording of my telling will be available throughout the exhibition.)

Come and listen to me live then look through the peepholes at secret scenes hidden inside the building.

The beautiful website here has collected creepy old photographs, “newspaper cuttings” and archive material relating to the story.

Special thanks to Chris Roberts for his essential and brilliant creative input- and for making the whole thing happen.

Update below>>

UPDATE: I was thrilled to tell the story live and peep into the holes to see tiny models of Peckham inside! A couple of photos are below. But if you missed it, don’t worry. The installation is up until September, drop by and see it whenever you like. And on the night of Friday 13th October 2017 we will be returning to the source of the tale.

UNLUCKY IN PECKHAM Meet in a dark secret location near to the actual place it happened, listen to this and other terrifying urban legends with eerie and hellraising music from George. Please note this event is not at all suitable for children or those of a sensitive disposition.