“Into the greenwood” One Tree Hill, South London

“Into the greenwood” was planned as a story and song showcase of Nigel’s set about the ancient trees of Britain. We chose One Tree Hill as our venue- one of the most beautiful South London remnants of the Great North Wood. Joining us among the leaves were musical cunning folk of the wood – Sarah, Ian and Elizabeth.

There’s only one problem with musician types – it’s a disaster if their instruments get wet… and the clouds were like:

Photo © A Bad Witch’s Blog

As I waited at the station to meet our intrepid audience, I saw the first bright flashes in the leaden sky over Plumstead and Eltham.

Hastily we scrambled up the hill…

(Photo © Robyn Conway)

to be met by an elfen scene…

(Photo © A Bad Witch’s Blog)

Quickly everyone settled down to listen…

(Photo © Robyn Conway)

But almost straight away we felt the first heavy warm drops. Like magic, the stringed instruments vanished into their cases to be replaced by voice, flute and shruti box…

Time for a story. You can see how dark it was getting.

(Photo © Robyn Conway)

Cool breezes blew the raindrops away for a moment… just time for a song of the wild hunt. Nigel is under the red umbrella…

(Photo © Robyn Conway)

And one more story in the darkness…

(Photo © Robyn Conway)

(Photo © A Bad Witch)

We didn’t want to leave at the end, even though the rain was quite heavy by this time…

(Photo © Robyn Conway)

But eventually we all found our way back through the night into the real world.

Goodbye greenwood.

(Photo © Robyn Conway)

Thanks to our spirited audience, our faerie musicians, Robyn and Jacqueline (who took lovely photos) and A Bad Witch, who reviewed the night here.