Darkness… in the heart of the Urban Forest

On Friday night we went into the heart of the Urban Forest. Considering that torrential rain was forecast, I was quite impressed by the substantial numbers of people who turned out to hear stories and songs inspired by the darkness.

The Heygate estate is looking especially wonderful at the moment: all bunting, graffiti, chickens and unofficial allotments. It’s heartbreaking to think that in a few short months it could all be gone.

In the words of audience member, Robyn:

…it truly was magical. The stories and the music, very much, but I’d never thought the Heygate could be so beautiful. Thanks so much for leading us into the heart of the forest. The candles were just right to light us on our way, but the misty, gold lighting already there lit the trees with such an eerie beauty

These photos are by photographer Max Reeves. I recommend his event at the Anarchist Bookshop on 6 September!