How can I find the London Dreamtime?

Vanessa and George hold secret storytelling events in beautiful locations.

Once a month we find a new (hidden) location. We bring blankets and candles for stories and music. You can dress warmly and listen to enchanted tales in derelict warehouses, opulent palaces, muddy foreshores, cobwebbed tunnels, urban forests or midnight cemeteries… Connect with wonder and get a ticket here.

Vanessa Woolf has made a career for herself by leading Londoners into obscure areas of the capital at night and telling them magical stories by candlelight…
—Time Out

Storytelling that doesn’t care if you’re sitting comfortably
LeCool London

(pic by Georgie J White)

Our stories and music are often site specific, magical… and sometimes very scary!

I love your events, you are such a great storyteller, we are going back home in such a peaceful state! -Sylvia, audience member at ‘The Yellow Marble’ 2023

We might take you to foot tunnels, derelict rooftops, forgotten buildings, scary night forests, stunning secret gardens, locked Cemeteries or more. Our locations are beautiful and hidden.

If you want to know WHY we do this, have a read…

Just thought I’d say a big thank you to you for a great event! I fell straight into the story and didn’t sleep too well that night! —Andrew, an audience member at ‘Highgate Vampire’

We are delighted to be the only storytelling night included in Time Out’s  “50 Best Nights Out in London”!

What people say…

watch us:

You’re a fantastic storyteller, and the way the story came across was both vivid and captivating. I’ve loved Wapping for quite sometime, but Sunday enhanced my appreciation greatly
—Carl, an audience member at ‘The Golem of Wapping’