How to have an amazing storytelling eventπŸ’™

You did it! You booked a storyteller.


Here’s everything you need to give you and your guests a wonder-filled storytelling experience.

  1. PREPARE Tell the audience, what to expect. Posters, emails, signs. Tell them about content too. How long it will last, who the storyteller is, what kind of style it is. Will they be joining in? Will they be sitting on the floor? Will they be asked questions? (Include any content warnings.) πŸ’™
  2. PERFECT STORY SPACE The best space is quiet and comfortable without distractions. If it’s cavernous, it will be hard to create intimacy, you might want to section off a corner. Avoid anywhere with people walking through or making a noise. Creating a quiet comfortable space without distraction is one of the most important things you can do to help your event succeed.πŸ’™
  3. BREAKOUT SPACE Create a place to escape to. For people who get an urgent phonecall, have a crying baby or who just need to chat! It can be another room or just a hallway. You will be glad you did. πŸ’™
  4. LATECOMERS? Stories run from beginning to end. The start is as vital as the end. Get the audience seated before the “hello”. Discourage people turning up in the middle! πŸ’™
  5. HELP KIDS LISTEN Storytelling for kids works best if adults focus and listen too. Kids take their lead from adults. If the adults are focussed, joining-in and listening, the children will love the story! If the adults in the room are talking or scrolling, the children will struggle. (We try to make our stories fun for grown-ups too!) If you are planning an event for under-sevens this is THE most vital condition for a successful session! πŸ’™
  6. LET US HELP YOU your storyteller is an experienced professional! they can to help you see off problems before they start. The more we are involved in the planning, the more magical and powerful your storyteling session will be. πŸ’™

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