Darkness… in the heart of the Urban Forest

On Friday night we went into the heart of the Urban Forest. Considering that torrential rain was forecast, I was quite impressed by the substantial numbers of people who turned out to hear stories and songs inspired by the darkness. The Heygate estate is looking especially wonderful at the moment: all bunting, graffiti, chickens and unofficial … Read more

True Stories on the Heath II

Possibly something to do with the Olympic opening ceremony…? We’d taken over 100 bookings, not to mention lots of phone calls and urgent textings on the day(where is it, can I bring my friend,etc). But we ended up with a very manageable 30 people. Looking back on the evening, I think the intimate atmosphere was … Read more

Elephant & Castle Odyssey

On Sunday we had a storytelling procession around Elephant & Castle roundabout. The event was a celebration of Eva Sajovic and Sarah Butler’s residency at The Cuming Museum, and the theme was ‘Home’. Artist Rebecca Davies created a shrine of the home to carry around with us. We’d all placed things representing our homes on it – plus it was … Read more

‘Afterlife’… on the roof

It was during our frantic search for another Heygate Estate location that I found the roof of the bakery. That was when we decided to do a late-night ‘tales from the afterlife’ on the roof. The roof would make such brilliant, lonely theatre for ancient myths, with the starry sky as our curtain. (In fact, … Read more

Supernatural Urban Forest zombie mix-up

The Heygate Estate is one of the most beautiful and atmospheric urban spaces I’ve been in, so I was thrilled to be able to arrange some spooky storytelling in the ‘Urban Forest’ growing among the concrete walkways and broken windows. Unlike most of my commissions, this was unpaid – it was just for my own … Read more

True stories in the dark on Hampstead Heath

“Five women, five true stories from their own lives, all told at night in the magical surroundings of Hampstead Heath Ladies’ Pond.” Well, it was a good idea – and though we were disappointed not to get permission to go inside the actual pond enclosure, we’d decided to pitch up just by the gate and … Read more

Getting wet at the Big Forest Picnic

It was sunny. It was also my husband’s birthday, so I decided to bring him and the kids along to this picnic event in Hainault Country Park being run by the World Wildlife Fund. The event started badly for us because our children were screaming and biting each other in the car. We also got … Read more

How To use smell in storytelling

Displayed below is an article I’ve written for Early Years Educator magazine that explains how I use props – including smelly things – in some of my favourite stories for children under 3 years old. I also talk about things that went wrong for me. I love hearing about other people’s mistakes, so I thought … Read more