A challenge from the V&A: Gabrielle Enthoven for the very young!

The task was to take the life of Gabrielle Enthoven and tell it in a fun, interactive way to engage kids aged 2 to 8. She was a Victorian archivist who collected playbills which were the foundation of the V&A’s theatre and performance galleries. This story challenge was interesting because: 1) The concept of collecting playbills isn’t- in itself- … Read more

Ten photos from “UnRipped” 8th July 2016

Ten Photos from a London Dreamtime storytelling event celebrating the lives of women who are usually only known as “Victims of Jack the Ripper” Mary Ann Nichols, Annie Chapman, Elizabeth Stride, Catherine Eddowes, and Mary Jane Kelly With John Constable and Nicola and Ian from Stick in the Wheel All photos by Georgie Jasper White  http://georgiewhite.com/   http://georgiejasperwhite.tumblr.com/ Special thanks to wonderful … Read more

Pitfalls and surprises of researching a lost story

When will I learn? After all the tricky stories I’ve had to research, you’d think I’d realise by now that the internet isn’t very useful when you want to bring a story to life. To really make a story live, you need to speak to people who  live and breathe the subject- ideally someone who holds a … Read more

“UnRipped” and Jack the Ripper.

“The pitfalls and Surprises of Researching a Lost Story” (reflections on the difficulties in researching and telling the story of Catherine Eddowes) written after the event is here. A proposed women’s history museum on Cable Street E1 turned out to be an excuse to cash in on the popularity of a misogynist killer. Although serenity is one of my aims in … Read more

A storyteller’s repertoire

As a professional storyteller it’s important to be able to pick up a new story and tell it straight away. BUT I think it’s even more important to have a selection of stories you have worked on and can tell immediately. These are the contents of your repertoire. By working on stories I just mean truly understanding them, dealing with any … Read more

Why I do London Dreamtime: A true story

I started London Dreamtime as a response to a life-changing event you can read about it at the bottom of this blog post. I’ve always loved London’s hidden corners but after that night I realised their power- I became obsessed with the city’s secret magic and wanted to share it with anyone who would take the … Read more

The secret story of the Courtoy Tomb

I’m always looking for new and extraordinary London stories to tell so when I hear that the Hannah Courtoy Mausolem in Brompton Cemetery was a portal, I knew at once that I had to tell the story… Picture by Alison Cotton of The Left Outsides It has been quite a journey. The legend that the Courtoy Mausoleum … Read more

What storytellers do: 2015 in pictures

People often ask me what storytellers do! Well, every storyteller is different but here is a sample of the fun variety of stuff I did in 2015 Schools are  big part of my life, in 2015, I’ve told stories for many primary, secondary and special schools. (Pics: Greenvale School, Catford & Blue Post Primary Shadwell) In 2015 I visited literary  and storytelling festivals … Read more

You’d like a story commission?

“It was an absolute pleasure working with you, thank you for taking on our interesting request and transforming the lasting footprints collection in to an amazing story for the kids. The interaction you brought and the energy was amazing, and could really see the kids and adults alike absolutely loved it!” -promotional event for Akojo Market Lasting … Read more

Backstage ghost in Kensington Palace

I love working in Kensington Palace. The “backstage” area for the courtiers is so attractive and full of incredible works of art that have been commissioned for past projects, like this amazing dress on wheels. Just look at the hem, it’s little houses! Though on this particular day we found something completely inexplicable. The project was all … Read more