Our city needs storytellers

Are you a storyteller based in or near London? We want to get to know you! This once a month mailout includes stuff like… Performance opportunities/ paid and unpaid gigs, Chances to feed back Opportunities to collab with us / work with us Funding pots News from Storytelling Co-Operative and our new free project, Space … Read more

Tortoise Lates: Fear

I love custard creams so when I went into the Tortoise green room, I knew that I was going to have a good evening. I was so impressed I took a photo. Anyway, the live studio recording was split into three parts. First came a section about fear in politics– then a discussion about horror … Read more

“Storytelling and Place” for Storyversity

I had a lot of fun when I went to record my course for Storyversity, I was almost drowned in a hailstorm and I also got lost on a dale. I was there to create a brand new training course about Storytelling and Place. I spent many weeks putting the ideas together and put my … Read more

How to have an amazing storytelling eventđź’™

You did it! You booked a storyteller. Awesome! Here’s everything you need to give you and your guests a wonder-filled storytelling experience. Want to book a storyteller? Drop me a line vanessa@londondreamtime.com Want to stay in touch?

We journey together

Storytelling connects us as human beings. It is powerful, transformative, full of wonder. It is also gentle to the planet! If you would like to experience the connection and wonder of live storytelling, sign up here.

Storytelling Co-Operative update. You are welcome here.

We meet on the Sunday of every month 3-5pm Pullens Yards Crampton St SE17. YOU ARE WELCOME. YOUR STORIES ARE WELCOME. This is a space for you. Storytelling Co-Operative is a completely free crowdfunded storytelling space in London to tell and listen to personal stories, traditional tales, myths, fiction, legends and folktales. It is also … Read more

Baba Yaga with Cunning Folk and Daylight Music (5 pics and a video)

It was a complete joy and privilege for London Dreamtime and Cunning Folk to be part of the Daylight Music Autumn 2021 series. What an incredible buzz! Massive thank you to the venue, all the volunteers, photographers – and to Ben Eshmede who bought it all together… and biggest thanks to the wonderful people who came to listen and … Read more

2020 review of the year

Every December I do a “looking back over the year” type post. (like these: 2016  2017 2018 & 2019 ) 2020 was supposed to be our biggest year yet, seeing our live bookings growing from 80-100 seaters to larger venues. We only got to actually do one of these bigger shows (at the Union Chapel for Daylight Music. Watch us ) We got … Read more

“Save Our Stories” THANK YOU!

This summer has been tough, but we’d pulled through. We had been able to create magic, support ourselves financially, reach out to isolated people and create fully-funded opportunities for other artists. We’d even also made training packages to help other storytellers work digitally and get paid during the pandemic. But last week we had some of the worst professional news … Read more