Bermondsey Dreamtime: Children’s Storytelling Celebrations 13th July and 10th August

On cloud nine today as a long-held wish is about to come true!

Since I first moved to Bermondsey in 2000, I have been fascinated by its history and the many strange tales attached to this part of London. Over the years I have told and created lots of stories about the characters and places, like this one involving ships biscuits, horses blood and dead flies. It has been my ambition for years to provide opportunity for other amazing performers to bring magic and excitement to families in our local area. I wanted lots of different storytellers with contrasting styles and backgrounds, so that people can get an idea of the amazing richness and diversity of storytelling as an art form!

Thanks to the Blue Bermondsey Bid my dream has come true: we will be running two storytelling celebration-days this Summer.

Check out our 13 July headliners Storie-Storie in the movie below.

There will be music, laughs, shivers, wonder and probably a chance to join in… and it’s all FREE!

Drop by to catch just one performer…or stay for everything!

Hope to see you there!